Elbow macaroni recipes without meat

Elbow macaroni, known for its curved shape, is in countless kitchens and dinner tables worldwide. The adaptable and comforting nature of pasta makes it the perfect ingredient for all kinds of dishes, whether you’re making classic macaroni and cheese or a creamy casserole. I’ve got a veggie-packed recipe for elbow macaroni without meat: What you … Read more

Is tofu vegan food?

is tofu vegan

Vegan people get worried whenever it comes to food. It’s because they are concerned whether it’s come from animal or not.  Well, if you are a vegan and you are afraid of consume tofu. I can assure you it’s totally plant based diet. No animal is harmed to make it.  It is made from soybeans … Read more

What does Vegan mean?

truth about vegan

Choosing vegan diet is an ethical, health-conscious, and eco-friendly way to live. It’s been around for a long time that vegans don’t eat anything that comes from animals. But the word vegan did not exist until 1944, after six members of the Vegan Society gathered and shortened vegetarian.  The first and last letters of “vegetarian” … Read more